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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2020 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is the doubly news live from berlin the number of corona virus infections in the u.s. race is upwards but health care workers face critical shortages of protective gear so is the trumpet ministration doing enough to deliver aid to the people who need it most also on the program lawmakers in germany approved an unprecedented financial package to shield the economy from the pandemic and overcome historic nervousness about taking on new debt. and russian planes backed with touch with medical supplies arrived in italy to help fight the conflict 19 outbreaks but
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critics warned this may be he meant to undermine european unity. i'm filled girl welcome to the program the u.s. senate has approved the biggest stimulus package in the country's history to cushion the economic blow from the coronavirus pandemic the legislation will provide 2 trillion dollars to help stabilize businesses and households hit hard by the outbreak the package which is expected to be approved by the house of representatives on friday comes as the number of infections source with the u.s. looking likely to become the pandemics new at the center many health care workers say they don't have the supplies they need. and long line of drivers all waiting to be tested for the coronavirus this is florida but the keys are getting longer right across america. the number of confirmed infections is gathering pace along with the
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number of those known to have died from the virus as the scale of the outbreak becomes increasingly clear doctors are worried about their own safety and a part time we've cared to come to walk by being scared we are trained can stave off iron and we're committed to doing mad doc to say hospitals nationwide are overwhelmed and there's not enough protective gear there are people that literally are wearing bandanas because they have nothing better to protect themselves from the respiratory droplets of patients who are and who would not and i think it's a national shame the us president donald trump downplayed the dangers of a pandemic for weeks before changing his tone but he has criticized the shutdowns advocated by infectious disease experts to bring the outbreak under control for look at the cure every worse than the problem. at the end of the 15 day period will
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make a decision as to which way we want to go where we want to go the timing and essentially were referring to the timing of the opening of the century the opening of our country this was a medical problem we're not going to let it turn into a long lasting financial problem an increasing number of states have closed down non-essential businesses heating as hard this restaurant is trying to keep going by serving takeaways but own a young mint owns 2 of eateries and pays $12000.00 a month just in rent. he's had to lay off most of his 25 stone off. this just taking it all us surprise and also off our feet we don't know how to deal with this every day is a new challenge for us is very challenging. for the most part it's very terrible.
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we will get through this is the message from one bar owner in california people who have lost their jobs can get a free meal here lap. a small team does the cooking. are you scared owner tom stop it is struggling to make sense of what's happening here in hollywood he has to pay rent of a $1000.00 a day. i'm concerned. all we can do is help each of them help each other and hope for help from washington. well germany's parliament the bundestag has also approved a sweeping rescue package to cushion the economic damage caused by the pandemic the country has seen a shopping precinct coronavirus deaths of 30 percent from yesterday to today's total of 206 the measures approved by parliament will support the country's health care infrastructure and pumped billions of euros into struggling businesses and in a historic move to make as. voted to suspend limits on government borrowing.
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parliament in crisis mode the bundestag has changed its rules to allow decisions to be taken with fewer members present the normal those who were there sat at a safe distance from each other the. parliamentary president volved gang show called on deputies to show support for the key workers who are helping to keep the country going to try and get. food we express thanks and respect to the doctor's care workers and those in the health and security or thora tis who are being tested to their limits every day. to give you those who will do anything as i think we all agree we should include in our thanks to those who day after day and in spite of the greater risk of infection they face ensure that people have the supplies they need. in just one day the because green lighted government plans to take on more debt this year than ever before the
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crisis package includes an emergency budget of 156000000000 euros 50000000000 to keep small businesses of bloat and money for hospitals expecting a wave of coronavirus patients finance minister all our short standing in for chancellor merkel is at home insult isolation acknowledged these a gigantic sums but he said the country can afford it germany's strict rules on government borrowing are suspended for now we're leaving that we're facing a crisis unprecedented in our post-war history is this greater than all those we have faced recently really and it's a challenge to humankind as a home. for the gunson mention that there's no script for dealing with the pandemic said child but the government will do everything to reduce its impact on the economy. so there listen it's the 1st we have to ensure that there's
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a good health care provision for people who are sick from the coronavirus and ensure those treating them are protected by 2nd we must protect the livelihoods of people affected by the crisis thirdly we must stabilize our economy and preserve jobs that. despite the unparalleled measures when it came to the vote opposition parties rallied behind the government's plan but no one inside the bundestag swear could yet be sure if it will work. let's get more from d.w. political correspondent kate brady welcome kate so walk us through what these gigantic sums of a mean for germany. well phil basically it was a very significant move yesterday for germany the government rather the bundestag the parliament should i say voted effectively to suspend germany's debt break policy or block because a row has come to be known here in germany and effectively that means that the
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german government can now take on new debt and as we heard their own report that's to the tune of some 156000000000 euros now of course to put that into perspective that's about a 3rd almost a 3rd of the entire german budget for this year but this $156000000000.00 euros is actually part of a much bigger financial aid package which is also being agreed by the governments and that's amounts to some so 750000000000 euros in that as we heard there again in the report this is to support all kinds of large businesses small businesses self employed will see the welfare payments also relaxed and people for example who are struggling to pay rent right now and their bills will also be supported so there's a very wide range of measures and financial support that's included in this rescue package that aims at least to act as a cushion to the economic impact of coronavirus here in germany.
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domestically what's truly doing internationally to address the pandemic. well at the moment if you look at least in terms of medical assistance germany is already starting to do its part it's taken in several patients from italy and france for example where hospital beds are becoming increasingly scarce to see the high number of cases there but financially speaking it's a very different story of course the german government german leaders are taking part in the talks the latest round of which is going to take place later today and that's mainly regarded the e.u. financial response to support e.u. states affected by corona virus but one of the latest more controversial issues is this idea of corona baden's and so the idea of issuing joint bonds and 9 of the $27.00 e.u. states have now called for mutual ised debt across the e.u.
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and that is something that the more frugal states like germany and the netherlands and austria for example are simply opposed to right now obviously something that we could see change as the pandemic develops and of course who knows as well how what the e.u. will look like in the aftermath of coronavirus but of course anyone that was getting particularly optimistic about german spending now that they've suspended its infamous black 0 and they should not get too excited when it comes to their role in the e.u. and e.u. spending. thank you. so now for some more of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic 3 months into the outbreak on the global death toll from covered 990 illnesses as are past 21000 russian is halting all flights to and from the country from friday and moscow's mayor has ordered all shops except grocery stores and pharmacies to close from saturday where
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citizens are reported its 1st 2 deaths from the disease iran is banning travel between its cities the government fears there could be a 2nd wave of corona virus infections. for some of the other stories making news around the world the man accused of carrying our new zealand's worst mass shooting in modern history is changed its played to guilty you're straining white supremacists is accused of opening fire on the 2 mosques in christchurch killing 51 people and injuring dozens bole prime minister just in the odd turn and representatives of the muslim community expressed relief at the change of play because of us government has collapsed of its response to the coronavirus pandemic the prime minister lost the confidence vote just 7 weeks after taking power to move couldn't take the country to early elections. and russia has used more than a dozen military planes to carry medical lab aid to italy supplies to help combat
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the coronavirus pandemic were dispatched following a plea from italy's prime minister but there are concerns that russia is using a it is a political tool to gain influence in the e.u. . this footage of russian military planes landing in italy was sent directly to us and to many other media outlets by the russian defense ministry in an operation dubbed from russia with love moscow has provided italy with special disinfection vehicles medical equipment and around 100 military specialists they reportedly have 1st hand experience fighting outbreaks of other infectious diseases . russian authorities may be keen on showing off their aid operations but in moscow not everyone agrees with the government's policy even if so far only a few 100 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed and russia itself should be should have everyone in but we need to help our own country 1st. we have to help
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everyone we can whether it's syria or it's really because the good the river out welcome back to us. makes me want to just russia have enough ospital does russia pay it start to snuff what you will which i don't understand why we are helping europe was it your. butt on state t.v. for aid from russia and china is presented as a moral victory over the e.u. . this is essentially a collatz of the european idea in transition to a different political culture and to change values all those pretty words about solidarity mutual support company values humanity and human rights they are all gone with the wind. meanwhile in brussels officials are pushing back against criticism that countries aren't helping each other enough i would help if we. look at that from
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a controversial point of view china was helped in the past china's helping india president russia's not being affected. thank god for them and here in the situation that can bring hope to one of the countries in europe which is the most affected italy critics accuse moscow of pursuing a hidden agenda offering aid in return for room support to lift ease sanctions against moscow but the kremlin spokesman insists that all russia is trying to do is help. well depressed the brits stuck at how am i being offered a temporary solution to that corona not a knock down a pub in a box london be a make a signature brew is boxing up cans of different beers along the glass it's not and even a pub quiz for people missing a nice house at the company's delivering the boxes to customers homes in a bid to keep its business afloat and thirsty drink has satisfied.
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